Book Called 4 Agreements

The responses to your contribution, including mine, show us how we can all perceive the same thing – in this case a book – and have different opinions about it. Miguel Ruiz explains how we distort incoming perceptions in a single version of the world (I describe this in my own book, also “The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book.”). Thank you for your kind words on this subject). The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz is a wonderful book for stress management and personal growth. It is written in simple language, but it deals with complex topics that can help you make far-reaching changes in your life. Enter your mobile phone number or email address below and we`ll send you a link to download the free Kindle app. Then you can read kindle books on your smartphone, tablet or computer – no need for a Kindle device. Thank you for sharing your perspective, Coleen. I continue to recommend all books written by members of the Ruiz family. Miguel Ruiz`s latest book (The Toltec Art of Life and Death) is a little different. He continues to teach some of the same lessons presented in his previous books, but in the context of a somewhat fictionalized account of his experience when he was close to death after his heart attack.

He looks back on events when he grew up, which gives more insight into his thinking. I also look forward to Miguel Ruiz Jr.`s next book, The Mastery of Self: A Toltec Guide to Personal Freedom. By making a pact with these four key agreements, an individual can dramatically influence the amount of happiness they feel in their life, regardless of external circumstances. [6] Please read this book carefully. Wisdom is powerful if you hear it. I write this as a 10-year-old apprentice of Miguel Ruiz, starting with the publication of “The Four Accords”, an elder in his lineage, an associate of this wisdom. and the author of “The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book”. If we have made relationship agreements (regardless of the relationship) that the sharing for information purposes is done in the name of intimacy and not a complaint or an invitation to fix something to protect me from the emotional reactions I create myself.

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