Dvd License Agreement

This license represents the entirety of the agreement between the parties regarding the use of the World Professional Edition DVD-ROM operation, which is licensed, and replaces all previous or concurrent agreements concerning this object. Any change or modification of this license is binding only if it has been made in writing by the publisher. The text of Operation World, 7th Edition, reports of databases, maps, graphics, database files, videos and other content contained on the DVD-ROM or on the associated website (the “OW Content”) will be granted to you by Jason Mandryk (author) and Global Mapping International (publisher), its licensee. The licenses granted are limited to the author`s intellectual property rights over OW content and do not contain other patents or intellectual property rights. You own the media on which the content of the OW is recorded, but the author retains ownership of the content of the OW. The content of OW in this package and all copies you authorize with this license are subject to this license. OW content is delivered in common formats such as Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, MPEG-4 Stroke (H.264) and Portable Network Graphics (PNG). Content display software in these formats is generally available on most computer platforms as free internet downloads. The DVD-ROM support software is available for user internet access and versions of Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X are available at the time of release. Users of other computer platforms or recent versions of Windows or Mac OS X are encouraged to contact their systems provider, Adobe Systems, Microsoft, Apple or other websites to get the necessary reading software. All the software provided on THE DVD-ROM media is made available without warranty and subject to the terms of the license agreement that will be presented at the time of installation of the software. This license allows you to simultaneously install and use OW content on a personal PC and electronic device (with a screen less than ten inches diagonal and used by the same primary user as the authorized PC). This license does not allow OW content to be present simultaneously on more than one computer and a personal electronic device.

Please read this content and software license agreement (“Licence”) carefully before using the DVD-ROM software or content. By using DVD-ROM or downloading some of the content while paying, you accept the terms of this license. If you do not accept the terms of this license, you must stop using the product. b. изменять, модифицировать, блокировать, излишне нагружать, прерывать, , замедлять и/или препятствовать нормальному функционированию части или всего Продукта, или их доступности другим Пользователям, или функционированию партнерских сетей Продукта, или пытаться предпринять что-либо из вышеперечисленных действий; I.