Google Hipaa Business Associate Agreement

If you use Google to manage your health care business, you need to make sure you sign a Google BAA. A BAA or Business Associate agreement is a contract prescribed by HIPAA, which must be executed between two parties in the event of an exchange of health data. The BAA allows companies and listed business partners to enter into an agreement with Google that regulates the processing of PHI via Google Cloud. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a federal law that sets data protection and security requirements for organizations responsible for the protection of personal health information (PHI). These organizations meet the definition of “covered companies” or “counterparties” under HIPAA. Learn how to make Gmail HIPAA compatible with other G Suite applications that are essential to running your business. Follow your Google BAA with a reliable HIPAA training from Compliancy Group experts. . Administrators must verify and accept a BAA before using Google services with PHI. Find out in HIPAA which Google Workspace products can be used for HIPAA compliance. Users applying for hipaa BAA must have a Google Apps for Business, Education or Government account. This is a paid service that organizations can provide to google for use.

The free version, which is common for personal email accounts, is not included in this group. Google will only sign a BAA at the request of a system administrator with paying users. The Google Cloud BAA platform covers all of GCP`s infrastructure (all regions, all zones, all network paths, all points of presence) and the following products: . He didn`t want to end up on the wall of shame. Please note the HIPAA features for the Google BAA workspace. While Google provides a secure and compliant infrastructure (as described above) for storing and processing PHPs, the customer is responsible for ensuring that the environment and applications they build on the Google Cloud platform are properly configured and secured in accordance with hipaa requirements. This is often called a common cloud security model. Sign in to an account with super-administrator privileges (don`t end up in Google apps, including Gmail and other G Suite services such as Google Drive and Google Calendar, can touch, reach or save PHI.

Therefore, if your health organization uses a Google G Suite service, you need to make sure you run a BAA with Google to be compatible WITH HIPAA. Learn more about Google`s approach to general data protection regulations and Google security and trust in the workspace. . There are nearly 20 alert rules that you can set up off the field, and many, many more that you can activate as custom rules. Go through everyone to make sure you are notified if something strange happens. Professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. Launch your free Google Workspace trial today. .

The security and compliance measures that enable us to support HIPAA compliance are deeply embedded in our infrastructure, security design and products. As such, we can offer hipaa customers the same products at the same prices as those available to all customers, including sustainable usage discounts.