How do I Qualify for Facility Medicaid

How do I Qualify for Facility Medicaid?

There are several criteria that need to be met to qualify for Medicaid.  If you have a loved one that needs to be admitted to Long Term Care, you should be able to qualify for facility Medicaid.  The conditions to qualify for Medicaid are listed below.  Eligibility begins on the date a client meets all three criteria.

  • Institutionalized level of care for 30+ consecutive days. (Hospital or Nursing Facility)
  • Aged 65+ OR has been determined blind or disabled
  • Meets the financial requirements

Once you have determined that a loved one needs to be admitted to Long Term Care, the process of qualifying financially can begin.

Challenges to Financial Requirements

In order to meet the financial requirements of facility medicaid, you cannot simply give away your money and assets to achieve eligibility.  In addition, you cannot have gifted anything major within the last 5 years, like a house or car.  The 60 month look back period for gifts, financial requirements, and time commitments make becoming eligible difficult in some cases.  Families have struggled to handle their loved ones application and eligibility.  As a result of that struggle, bad advice is often thrown around by friends, coworkers, and even attorneys.  The challenge of separating bad advice from good advice quite commonly ends in an initial medicaid denial and possibly financial consequences.  This can leave the applicant, or often, their family, to be on the hook for another bill while they fix their application.

Sadly, this can go on for months, or even years, leading to a bill that is for most families here in Colorado, financially crippling.

Medicaid Compliant Spend Down

Learn about the tools and methods you and your family can use to complete a medicaid compliant spend down.  You do not have to lose everything before you qualify for facility medicaid.  With some planning and proactive spending, your loved one can qualify for facility medicaid without leaving debt behind.  Get an overview here.

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