Non Compete Agreement Wisconsin

On the other hand, the employer can take legal action to obtain what is known as an “injunction of omission” or “restriction injunction” to prevent you from violating your contract. Since the violation of a no-competition agreement can cause direct harm to the employer, the Tribunal will often apply expedited procedures in these cases. Once your employer seeks an injunction or injunction, it can only be a matter of days or weeks before being heard by a judge. You may have very little time to keep a lawyer and discuss your case with that person, so be sure to question the help of an experienced work lawyer as soon as you know your employer is challenging your actions. probably. Your employer may also claim “liquidated damages” if these are defined in the non-compete agreement. The liquidation of damages is a fixed amount that the employer and the worker accept in damages if the employee violates the agreement not to compete. However, not all liquidated damages are enforceable by law. It also depends on the facts of each and the law of each state. The courts are very reluctant to impose a non-compete clause so broad that it prevents an employee from working. In addition, there are courts that have relied on state constitutions to limit the ability of employers to prevent a worker from working.

In summary, restrictions that are not contrary to competition are without prejudice to the law, but are enforced by the courts when the court finds that they are reasonably necessary to protect the legitimate interest of the employer and are proportionate in terms of time and territorial limitation. This requires an understanding of the employer`s activity and legitimate interests. It also requires a fervent study of the law in order to keep pace in this complex area. If you have any questions or would like to discuss non-compete obligations in Wisconsin, please contact Mike Cohen at or (414) 273-1300. Do you need help? Law de Murdock`s lawyers have helped many companies protect themselves with non-compete obligations. Please contact us if you think your company could benefit from a non-compete clause. No no. However, if you do not accept a no-competition agreement, you may lose your potential job (or your current job) if your current employer now wants you to sign an agreement that did not yet apply to your job.) If the employer is not willing to waive the agreement or change the form or content to better suit you, you may not be hired or you will be fired if you are already employed.

The likely validity of an agreement depends in large part on the analysis of state law, which applies to the concrete facts you have made and the situation of your employer. With so many potential issues, if you have any doubts about an agreement, it would be wise to consult a lawyer who is familiar with these types of agreements. Incorrect payments on the validity of the agreement could seriously affect your ability to work and cost you a lot of money, so be careful.