Tva Pmma Agreement 2017

The International Federation of Professional and Technical Engineers, IFPTE, the union representing TVA employees, says it has also seen this story unfold in other utility companies across the country. In California, for example, when Pacific Gas and Electric laid off hundreds of workers in 2017, at least 70 of those jobs were relocated to India, a step the company did not initially advertise. And in 2015, when Disney laid off 250 computer scientists in Orlando, the company replaced them with foreign immigrant workers on H-1B visas, employed by global outsourcing companies. In the case of VAT, the company recently increased its use of H-1B visas — which allow companies to replace U.S. workers with foreigners for skilled “skilled trades” jobs with salaries of at least $US 60,000. This was IFPTE`s second attempt to draw Congressional attention to impending layoffs.