Woolworths Petrol Enterprise Agreement 2012

This agreement enters into force from seven days after approval by Fair Work Australia and is valid until June 30 Award Relationship This agreement comprehensively regulates the terms and conditions of employment of workers to whom it applies and acts on the exclusion of other industrial agreements. , or fictitious agreements to preserve government prices, including all protected allocation conditions that may apply to workers employed under this agreement. 1.5 NO OTHER CLAIMS The duration of this contract is that the company, the workers and the Union agree not to assert any other rights, bonuses or transfer rights for the duration of the agreement. 1.6 DEFINITIONS PDRS Weekly employees: full-time or part-time employees: a worker who, in accordance with Part 4, employs 152 hours per 4-week cycle, according to Part 4: hours of work, hours, hours and part-time overtime: a part-time worker who is hired for at least 40 hours and a maximum of 144 hours on a 4-week cycle. and who, as such an apprentice, is paid baker or butcher Does a person trained in the company at the corresponding activity, as qualified in the relevant legislation first aid accompanist mean an employee who is a qualified first aid guardian and who is entrusted by the company to perform the tasks of a first aid guardian An employee who works at Petrol means a worker who is covered by this agreement , which may be called upon from time to time to work offloading stations at gas stations. These staff members are subject to the conditions set out in this agreement. Page 7 18: telephone contact with the employee or any other electronic media and leave a message If the service charts have not been established on the agreed date, a casual ring to confirm their working time, so that these occasional services are informed, and the company must then notify the occasional service by phone or other electronic medium and leave a message about its rollboard when it is completed for certain normal hours – Loads for certain normal hours and overtime A casual worker does not receive a penalty in the event of a penalty.